How’s your Million-Dollar Bracket doing? Are you still in the game, or was your bracket blown out in the first round? Or are you like me and didn’t get your picks in fast enough (read about that here)? Well, you may or may not still be in the running for the big prizes, but you can help with a different type of bracket challenge where, no matter the outcome, it has helped a great cause!

The Yakima Humane Society is participating in “March Muttness 2024.” At the start, 28 animal shelters from all across the country were selected to participate!

As cute and incredible as it would be to see the pets participate in basketball play with squeaky balls, that’s not how the winners are decided. It’s all broken down to donations raised; the shelter that raises the most moves on to the next round!

dog playing with basketball

Due to the tremendous support for the Yakima Humane Society, they have made it to the National Championship—an amazing accomplishment!

The final round between YHS and The Stray Rescue of Saint Louis is happening! Voting starts Tuesday (3/26) and ends at 8 pm on Thursday (3/28), and when it is all said and done, a March Muttness Champion will be crowned for 2024!

dog sitting in grass next to basketball

A Big Party To Celebrate Yakima Humane Society’s Achievements!

All are welcome to cheer on and watch the final moments of March Muttness at the Yakima Valley SunDome on Thursday, March 28th, starting at 5:30 pm and lasting until 8:30 pm.

Food and drinks will be available for purchase, and dozens of animals will be available for adoption. You will also have the chance to donate and help those who help the animals in our community!

For more information on the March Muttness National Championship Party at the SunDome, check out their Facebook Event here. To donate to the official March Muttness competition, visit

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