With a ton of food and snacks to choose from at the Central Washington State Fair, it is always fun to see what the new foodie choice will be each year, whether it's deep-fried, loaded with sugar, put on a stick, or even just a weird combination (looking at you crispy cream burger).

The particular concoction that I'm surprised isn't at the fair this year (and if by chance it is, and I missed it, tap the app and let me know) is the simple mix of Oreos and Sour Cream!

ore mini cookies and a small tub of sour cream

My wife and I have heard about this and, like most, were skeptical. So we tried it! Holy Crap, yeah, it tastes like cheesecake!

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I was given a pack of Oreo minis, and thank goodness for Taco Night in my household. My wife bought sour cream and, seeing the cookies on the counter, was reminded of the video (NSFW video shown below) that initially introduced us to this delicious food mash-up that seems like it would be against nature!

woman's hand dipping an oreo cookie into sour cream

"Holy S***! It Does!" - Timmy's Wife

It tasted so much like the treat that can calm the angriest of Golden Girls, that my wife finished off the cookies, and dinner had to wait an hour until she was hungry again.

So why isn't this at the fair? Heck, dunk it, deep fry it, put it on a stick, and charge $5! Why not! If people pay $3 for a bite of cake as a "cake pop," then this would indeed sale!

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