Presidents’ Day is the celebration of our first president, George Washington. Technically the holiday is called “Washington’s Birthday.” Though no one in the government has felt the need to change it officially (yet). So while we kick back and celebrate, however you celebrate today (not go to a bank, get your mail, and question whether to take your garbage out (you do)). Let’s reflect on all the great presidents that are around because of Washington.

My Top 3 Favorite Presidents That Washington Has Inspired

#3: George Washington

Let’s face it; he’s our country’s founding father. This holiday is for him and the work he has done. He was so remarkable, that not only was he elected as our first president but even got a state named after him! I don’t think any other president can say that. So “Suck It, Hoover!

#2: The President of the Hair Club for Men, Sy Sperling

Okay, this may be a stretch, but hear me out. Sy Sperling created the Hair Club for Men and is best known for the television commercial that says, “I’m not only the Hair Club president, but I’m also a client.” How can I weave in Washington to this? If it wasn’t for Washington helping create the United States, then Sy would have never become so successful in the U.S. that he could sell his company (2004), and would eventually be owned by Japan in 2012. (Full disclosure, I was researching the Hair Club for Men and fell down a rabbit hole and wanted to share what I learned).

#1: The Presidents of the United States Of America… The Band!

Formed in Seattle (WASHINGTON, duh) in 1993, when you hear songs like Lump, peaches, and Dune Buggy, it’s no wonder they are my favorite Presidents. No Twitter drama here, mainly because they broke up for good before Twitter really got super popular.

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