Nothing is more frustrating then getting into the fridge and grabbing the food you planned to eat, only to find that it has expired. I take that back... NOTHING is more frustrating then buying something from the store, only to get it home and notice it is expired. Thinking to yourself, "damn, I should have checked it first." Actually, I take THAT back too... NOTHING is more frustrating then doing a curbside pick up at your grocery store, getting home and finding out that the food that was picked out by the store, sold it to you is expired.

Last week, I wrote an article talking about that very frustration, how it had happened to my wife and I a few times in the past. I also shared what one of my friends had experienced at a couple of the stores here in Yakima, complete with pictures of the product and the receipt (with dates). You can check out that full story here.

Vanilla Oat Milk with Expired Date
Pic Courtesy of Dawn Riel

Well there has been an update. Late last week, I received a message from that same friend. She was contacted by local health inspectors. This is what she told me:

"Thank you for writing the article and airing our concerns. Wanted to let you know that the Yakima health department called me! They are going to be sending inspectors out to the stores today!"
- Dawn Riel

There has been nothing publicly released (that I have seen) concerning when and what the inspectors have found, nor which stores they visited. I know I'm not alone when I say, I hope this gets grocery stores to keep a closer eye on their products. Yes, I know that the workers are most likely over worked and under paid, and I am grateful for those who do work in that industry, but please, keep an eye out for expired goods.

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