It’s come once again. The night before garbage day, the can is only half full, so you’re going around the house, doing one more sweep to get everything that needs to go.

Most of the stuff you chuck into the circular file cabinet (aka garbage can) is fine to throw away, but there are certain things that are a no-no.

You know what I’m talking about — things like dead batteries and cleaning bottles that still have some liquid in them.

You might want to think twice before throwing that stuff away. If you can recycle it, you should. It’s better for the environment, and it’ll make you feel proud (weird how that works). Plus, depending on where you go, you could get some cash for recycling.

Then, there are other things that seem weird to me about what you can throw away. One example is paint. Don’t throw paint away.

But then again, if you use the paint on cardboard or carpet, wait for it to dry, and boom, no problem (to the best of my knowledge).

Check out these 23 things that you shouldn’t throw away in Washington. Recycle if possible, and if not, take them to your nearest transfer station for proper disposal. This way, you can avoid risk and harm to another human and/or animal.

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