Love is in the air. You hear that a lot in February due to a particular holiday… No, not Groundhog Day, but Valentine's Day, duh! But what happens when a store uses that same love-filled air and uses it to inflate and erect (pun intended) one of its balloons? You get a grown man giggling loudly in the middle of Safeway; that's what happens!

So there I was Thursday night around 6 pm, going to our local grocery store to shop. As soon as I walked into the building, I saw an inflated balloon (pictured below) on top of one of the deli displays.

My wife, who does not have the mentality of a 13-year-old, just kept walking and was oblivious to the 3-foot-tall phallic symbol of inflated love that I saw before me.

A grocery store with a valentine's balloon turned sideways, looking like a phallic object.

Of course, I took out my phone and started taking pictures before I even knew what kind of a balloon it was. It had a sign blocking the front of it, so all you could see was the side. Luckily, on top of one of the freezer endcap aisles, they had the same balloon facing frontwards.

Valentine's Balloon that says the word love, surrounded by plush animals.

I will admit it's creative and beautiful when viewed straight on. But viewing it from the side still makes me giggle as I write this article 20+ hours later. Happy Valentine's Day!

NOTE: Safeway did not pay me to write this, I did not move the balloons in order to get the pictures, and I have no idea how much the actual balloon costs. But would you like to get this on February 14th? Or would you be appalled? Tap the App and let us know your loving thoughts!

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