You have a Christmas tree all set up in your house, ready for the big day (or at least you know where to get one last minute). But what are you going to do with it on December 26th? Christmas is over, and the once majestic symbol of a joyous holiday is slowly becoming a sad reminder of another task you have to do. Get rid of the tree!

My family used to hold the annual "Burning of the Christmas Tree." Hearing the pops of the needles and tinsel in the fireplace was fantastic and created great memories. The unique smell that filled our house and the general atmosphere of cleaning up and moving on was invigorating. Then, all the burn bans happened and put a damper on that tradition. Before the bans, we did try to celebrate with a plastic tree... I DO NOT recommend that. So, what are you planning on doing with the Christmas Tree after the holidays? 

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Camp Prime Time Is Here To Help With Your Christmas Tree!

Don't just throw your tree away, recycle it and help out a great cause while you're at it! Camp Prime Time is holding their 34th Annual Christmas Tree Recycling Event!

After Christmas, recycle your live Christmas tree by taking it to Pape Agriculture & Turf. Drop off your tree, say hi, and make a donation to Camp Prime Time who provides this eco-friendly service!

The event kicks off the day after Christmas and runs through January 7th, from 8 am to 5 pm daily at Pape Agriculture & Turf at 3110 Fruitvale Blvd. in Yakima.

Make sure the live tree is bare (meaning, no ornaments, lights, and other decorations) and drop off the tree. DTG Recycling will take it from there by throwing it into a wood chipper. The chips are then used to create clean and renewable electricity.

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Donations are welcome and will help out Camp Primetime. If a financial donation isn’t an option, but you can donate your time, volunteers are welcome. For more information on volunteering, you can call 509-248-2854 or email them at

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