"I got five pieces of candy!"
"I got a chocolate bar!"
"I got a quarter!"
"I got a rock..."

Those are the lines from the animated classic "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown". If that cartoon would have been made this year, and taken place in California, good 'ol blockhead wouldn't have gotten a rock.

A trick or treater might have had more fun with a rock (a new pet, started a collection, practice safe throwing skills) but instead was treated (or tricked) with fast food sauce packets instead of candy!

via TacoBell
via TacoBell

A father in Alameda, California (near San Francisco and Oakland) discovered the left overs from various drive-throughs in his children's candy bags, and took to social media to share what he found.


Grape Jam from McDonald's, Heinz Ketchup and Mustard, Famous Dave's BBQ Sauce, and Taco Bell hot sauce, among an assorted varieties were found in his kiddos bags.

It could have been worse. You've heard the horror tales of razor blades, drugs, and toothpaste given out for Halloween. Sauce packets can come in handy. Heck, it saved a man's life when he was stranded on the road in the middle of winter!


As a kid, I would have been happy to get a sauce packet. It's something, weird and funny that you don't expect. Instead, the worst thing I ever received trick or treating... was a BOX OF RAISINS!


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