Who doesn’t love the mall? Okay, who doesn’t love the mall on a Monday around 1pm in May (while school is still in session) and it is not part of your job? Everyone (in that instance) loves the mall. Loads of stores to shop at, several choices for food and drinks. Some even have entertainment like live music and movie theaters.

Then there are the malls that are TOO BIG! Those are the malls where you plan your whole day around exploring it. At least once. Most people know the stores they love, and as soon as they get out of their cars, they make a bee-line for that shop. But, if you definitely want a day long adventure, pay a visit to these malls!

The 5 Biggest Malls in Washington State!

Northgate Mall in Seattle Washington
Northgate Station via Google Maps

#5: Northgate Mall

This 2 story shopping mall in Seattle was built in 1950, and currently holds 125 stores at its 1,045,838 square foot location!

Shopping Mall sign that says "Happy Easter"
South Hill Mall via Google Maps

#4: South Hill Mall

A single floor mall in Puyallup that packs quite a lot in its 1,074,230 square foot structure. Built in 1988, and it holds 116 stores.


Picture of stores at the Tacoma Mall, in Washington
Tacoma Mall via Google Maps

#3: Tacoma Mall

131 stores occupy this single floor mall in Tacoma (hence the name). The 1,313,089 square foot shopping mall was built in 1965.

Alderwood Mall food court.
Alderwood Mall via Google Maps

#2: Alderwood Mall

A 2 story behemoth of a shopping mall in Lynnwood with 160 stores built in 1979 occupies a 1.5 million square foot structure.

Westfield Southcenter Mall
Westfield Southcenter via Google Maps

#1: Westfield Southcenter

The biggest mall in Washington is a 3 story shopping heaven in Tukwila. Taking up 1,682,961 square feet and consisting of a jaw dropping 228 stores and departments.


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