Thank goodness, it’s Springtime in Washington state! Hopefully, those gnarly snowstorms are gone until next fall. This gives us plenty of time for road trips all over Washington. It’s a good idea to make yourself aware of where the most dangerous stretches of road lie on the highways and byways. This list here tallied from 2017-2019 gave a list of the most deadliest roads in Washington, but we want to know which one is the most dangerous for drivers?


Here is a tip to the wise, avoid I-5 whenever you can. It is always chock full of traffic, and typically, it’s for no good reason. I used to have this theory that people created traffic with their minds (that theory might be a little too "woo-woo" for you). I've always said, if we want to avoid getting stuck on the freeway for hours upon end, then just freaking DRIVE THE SPEED LIMIT. It’s a wild concept, I know, right? Some of the main causes of these deadly car crashes are people driving either too slow or too fast and creating unnecessary bottlenecks!

I-5 has consistently for years been the #1 deadliest highway in Washington, but do you know the most deadly roadway in the state?


Based upon the number of deaths caused on this stretch of the road, State Route 99, better known to locals as Aurora Ave. The #1 deadliest piece of highway in Washington begins at the intersection where there’s a 7-Eleven on the corner at Winona Avenue North.

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Drive all the way up SR 99 and you’ll be surprised that this unassuming stretch of road had the most number of deadly car crashes from 2017-2019. Along the way from Winona Ave, you’ll pass Asian groceries and restaurants, a Dollar Tree, car lots, apartments, a few motels, autobody shops, and did I mention there's an awful bunch of car lots?

Aurora Ave SR 99 in Shoreline WA
Google Maps


Keep on driving and you’ll eventually see Puetz Golf Range.

Puetz Golf Range on Aurora Ave in Seattle
Google Maps


Next, you’ll soon be passing by Parkwood Plaza, where Joann’s Fabrics, Shari’s Pies, and the Mediterranean Oasis Grocery, Bakery, and Kitchen restaurant are.

Parkwood Plaza in Shoreline on Aurora Ave
Google Maps


Pass by the O’Reilly’s Auto Parts store and go all the way up to the traffic light at North 155th Street, where the Safeway grocery store is. There you have it; that is the deadliest roadway in WA.

O'Reillys Autoparts on SR 99 - Aurora Ave
Google Maps

Please be safe out there as you travel the roads of Washington! Your life is too precious to lose. ❤️


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