Cowiche Creek Brewery (514 Thompson Road) held their annual Monarch Butterfly Release Party on Sunday, September 9th.

My 7-year old daughter, Willow, attended the event with her Girl Scout troop friends and they had a blast.

They got to watch the butterflies being released from a net and in between that, they got to enjoy "rock and roll music" from local bands. Families brought picnic foods and there was a taco truck and popsicle truck. There was a lot of dancing and adults were enjoying some beverages from the brewery.

When they butterflies were released, one landed on Willow! She brought him home and he is still relaxing in a makeshift "butterfly house" that she created out of hamster bedding and an old duct tape roll! I have named it "Beychella", although Willow has named it "Jasmine".

Shoo, butterfly, shoo!

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