Illegal to Drive With Cracked Windshield in Washington?

Is It Illegal to Drive with Cracked Windshield in Washington


Nobody wants to get pulled over and certainly nobody wants a ticket for a cracked windshield in Washington state!

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I don't know about you but when I see a police car behind me in traffic my legs go numb and I panic that I am about to get pulled over for something I don't know about. I am very paranoid about getting pulled over so I constantly check to see if my turning signals are working on both sides and every now and then I'll ask my daughter to see if both of my brake lights are working. One thing I don't have to worry about right now is a cracked windshield on my car (knock on wood, aluminum, plastic water bottles, linoleum, you name it)! Is it illegal to drive with a cracked windshield in Washington state?

Can You Get a Ticket for a Cracked Windshield in Washington State?

There is not a specific law on the books in the Washington state RCW statutes that say it's illegal to drive with a cracked windshield.They do, however, have statutes against something "obstructing your view" whilst you drive. This is applicable to things like posters, signs, etc. You never know if that crack in your windshield is big enough to give an officer probably cause to believe your cracked windshield is obstructing your clear view of the streets. Driving in Washington state with a cracked windshield would no doubt be considered a low-level traffic violation at minimum to an officer, but let's see if there's something on the books about it.

Can You Get Pulled Over for a Cracked Windshield in Washington State?

Getting pulled over by an officer, be they State Patrol, Sheriff's Department, or your local city police unit is a (un)luck of the draw. Why take a chance to possibly get pulled over because the cracks in your windshield are ridiculously bad! Worst case scenario, I know, sorry, but that's all I do is think about "worst case scenarios!"

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Speaking of "worst case scenarios", what if you got pulled over for having badly cracked windshields and it leads to other (and bigger charges) for you! This would happen if you have a messy current driving record! Like, say for instance, you had a warrant out for your arrest in Washington state and didn't even know about it (or maybe you do). Then you get pulled over for something minor, in this case, a badly cracked windsheld obstructing your view of the roads. That could lead to officers calling in a search on your DOL record and vehicle license tags and if your record turns up crappy, you might be asked to step out of the car and you could possibly be arrested! Yikes! Avoid all of that by getting your windshields fixed asap.

Let's get you hooked up with someone in the Washington state who can repair your broken and cracked windshield. Whenever I get big chips in my windshield, my car insurance company typically recommends that I find someone I trust and they will cover the expense. My go-to place is McKinney Auto Glass in Yakima but below are some local places all over Washington state that you can turn to for chip repair or replacing cracked windshields.

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US MEX Auto Glass
220 E Toppenish Ave
Toppenish, WA
(509) 865-4324

Novus Auto Glass
12813 Aurora Ave N
Seattle, WA
(206) 522-1707

Glass Doctor of Spokane
7125 E Broadway Ave
Spokane Valley, WA
(509) 838-4258

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Lewis Auto & Residential Glass
1512 N State St
Bellingham, WA
(360) 734-3840

Glass Doctor of Tri-Cities
1940 W Sylvester St
Pasco, WA
(509) 543-9894

Micro Chip Auto Glass
1102 Puyallup Ave
Tacoma, WA
(253) 8846

Yakima Glass
1103 Fruitvale Blvd
Yakima, WA
(509) 452-8507
1728 E Isaacs Ave
Walla Walla, WA
(509) 529-7313

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