A little while back, Hogback Development teased a new restaurant on the corner of 24th and Nob Hill Boulevard. They just said it was a first for eastern Washington, wouldn't be Chick-fil-A (as it was right next to Popeye's) but didn't give much info beyond that. Could it be In-N-Out Burger? Well, I asked them.

Here is their response:

In-N-Out Burger® is a privately held, family operated business which first opened in Baldwin Park, CA in 1948. As we continue to expand, we are always careful not to open a new location until we can guarantee the same quality food and service as we provide in our existing locations.

Our immediate expansion efforts are primarily focused on the states where we have already been operating. However, we do plan on further expansion, particularly into areas where our customers have expressed interest. As such, we are happy to let our Real Estate department know that you are ready to have an In-N-Out Burger in Washington!

Thank you again for contacting us.

That's a lot of words to basically say, NOPE, but a response all the same.

I mean, I kind of had a feeling as one of the clues was a first for eastern Washington alluding to the point there already is a location in western Washington and, at this point, there are no In-N-Out Burger locations anywhere in Washington state.

Would be cool if we got one, but as of this time it looks pretty bleak.

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