I spotted with my little eye some curious construction happening at two Yakima buildings that were recently closed: the Baskin Robbins at 816 Summitview Ave and The Gazebo at 16 North 10th Ave.

The Baskin Robbins ice cream shop on Summitview closed down (to the dismay of many) back in November 2018, and The Gazebo beauty salon went out of business a few years ago.

Since I am a busybody who lives and frequently shops near this area, naturally I am dying to know what is going on. Here's what I have detected:

The Old Baskin Robbins Location: There was a plumbing company van plus several work trucks parked directly in front of the building last week. I almost stopped by to ask them what they were doing there, but I chickened out!

The Old Gazebo Hair Salon Location: Last week, I peeped that the building's parking lot had just been resurfaced. There was yellow caution tape in front of the entrance, too. They wouldn't be doing all of that unless a new tenant was taking over the building!

I am now putting on my Miss Cleo psychic hat and predicting there is going be a new coffee shop business going up at the old BR, and my spidey senses tell me that a new medical clinic or plastic surgery clinic is on the horizon for the old Gazebo location.

What businesses do you think are going in these two locations?

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