Come one, come all and rummage through the donations of the Yakima community for a great cause. Children's Miracle Network! Mr. Davis is making their final push to hit their fundraising goal of $25,000, they are only $9,000 away, for the local non-profit and they would love your help!

It's going to be HUGE the poster says, full of toys, clothes, furniture, housewares, office supplies and so much more!

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What Time and Where

Saturday, April 16th from 7 am - 11 am out front in the breezeway of A.C Davis High School, located at 212 S. 6th Ave

PEOPLE!!! You should see all the incredible stuff! You won't be disappointed.

What is Mr. Davis Anyway?

Our local High Schools nominate seniors who are great examples of leaders in our community. Each year they work at and create a number of events to raise funds for our local branch of Children's Miracle Network. The culmination of the activities wraps up with a pageant, where each student shows off talents, and participates in skits in honor of the year's miracle child, this year it's Audrey Woodcock. Her family will be in attendance and if you happen to attend you can learn more about how this family has benefited from the services these funds help to support. All the money raised stays in the Yakima Valley to assist with the Yakima Memorial's Pediatric Unit, NICU, and Children's Village. At the end of the pageant, the crowd votes, and a new Mr. Davis is crowned!

When is The Mr. Davis Pageant?

Wednesday, April 20th, 2022, and tickets are only $5. I will be hosting the event and it's just a great time to come out and enjoy some great laughs while supporting our local community and giving back.

Last night they hosted an incredibly fun dodgeball tournament and this rummage sale is the last effort before the pageant so if you know you need stuff or just love to rummage for great finds, you should for sure come and bring some extra cash if you like to donate to a great cause!

Mr. Davis Activities

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