Not ones to miss out on grabbing your holiday attention, they've already got the Valentine's Day stuff up and running for sale in the grocery stores! (Some places had them in stock before Christmas!)

Before you go out and spend extra dough on a heart-shaped box for Valentine's Day, if you are looking for the best deal on candy & balloons, might I suggest you stop, drop and roll on over to the dollar store! HELLO! Everything's a dollar!

For the fancier stuff, might I suggest your local chocolatiers, such as Boehms Candy of Yakima (5645 Summitview Ave). If you want to go the online shopping route, I highly recommend Moonstruck Chocolates! They're based out of Portland, and I have not tasted finer chocolates in my life! One bite, and I was HOOKED! They can be pricey, but they have options you can order ranging from $10 dollars to $80 if you want to go all out for Valentine's Day for your sweetie!

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