What better New Year's Day gift to yourself (or someone you love) could there be than to get tickets to the upcoming Yakima Sunkings games!

That's right, the Sunkings are back in the Yak and the brand new team has been working hard behind the scenes getting ready for the season. The first game is on Friday, January 5th, so get your tickets now and get ready to have some fun! Even rapper 2 Chainz is so excited that the Yakima Sunkings are coming back to Yakima, he's doing a live After Party performance on January 6th!

Home game times begin at 7:11pm (Monday-Friday), 1:15pm on Saturday January 6th, and 5:11pm on Sundays. If making it down to the Yakima Sundome is inconvenient during the week, you purchase tickets at Off The Record (901 Summitview Ave. Ste. 180) or by phone 800.325.SEAT (7328) and online at TicketsWest.com.

Tickets range in price range from $11 to $22 and every seat in the house is a great seat! The season ends on Saturday, April 21st.

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