When I was a kid, my parents refused to let me believe in the Tooth Fairy. They said it was because of religious reasons, but I knew deep down that it was because my parents were too CHEAP!

On Tuesday, February 28th, dentists will celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day.

My daughter, Willow, has been a believer in the Tooth Fairy since she was four years old, even though I tried to stop her. She came home from preschool one day and said she had met the Tooth Fairy. I promptly informed her that the Tooth Fairy isn't real and that parents made it up to get kids excited about losing their teeth.

Willow insisted that I was WRONG and that she had actually met the Tooth Fairy that day in preschool. Apparently, this fairy hangs out at the same dentist office that had also visited the preschool that day. She also told me that there are many tooth fairies and they come in all kinds of colors; some are white, some are brown, some are purple, and some are green. Who knew?

When Willow lost her first tooth, I decided to let her continue to believe in the Tooth Fairy. I left a twenty dollar bill under her pillow next to the tooth. When I told my friends about what I had done, they audibly gasped.

"You gave her TWENTY DOLLARS for her tooth? Are you nuts?"

Since I had not grown up knowing all the inner workings of the "tooth fairy", I obviously did not know parents usually give their kids a quarter or a dollar per lost tooth. Oops!

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