Well, it's Feb. 2nd, and the groundhog Puxatawny Phil, has come & brought presents for everyone, hid the eggs inside the stockings, lit the fireworks out of the bar-b-q, and has given his green clover shaped heart to everyone... or he saw his shadow and went back to bed, which seems to be what he did this year, marking a longer winter!

But should we really trust this ground dweller? According to the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, Phil is only right roughly 50% of the time! Phil is as good as a flip of the coin. Better than dice, probably better then the Magic 8 Ball! But is Phil better then Tarot cards or an Ouija board? I don't think the dark arts are helping fuzzy Phil, if they were, they suck as bad as a flip of the coin. Check out the graph below:

National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration
National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration

So if we can't trust Phil with our forecast, should we make him the new mascot for something else? Perhaps leaving our teeth under our pillows for the groundhog to burrow through our floor boards & carpet to take it in exchange for... I don't know, dirt? A pelt? Maybe he could get in on the dark side of Christmas & pull the sleigh for Krampus?

The way I see it, I have a lot of faith in many things. As long as that fuzzy forecaster says it's gonna be an early spring, I'm going to hold my rioting for next year! But since he didn't... #NotMyGroundhog! Thanks for nothing Phil!


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