This weekend I watched, "Only The Brave," the incredible true story of an elite crew of firefighters and the dangers they faced. It reaffirmed how special those who willingly risk their lives to protect others truly are, making the following story even more special.

I introduce you to Dreamer Noe Vazquez, of Washington state, who in 2016, at age 20, began what he thought would be a long and rewarding career as a firefighter. But only a year later, his DACA status was taken away, and at one point he was detained hundreds of miles away from home. Noe moved to the United States when he was only 3 years old. He is another example of why Dreamers need to be supported. Luckily, his story is being shared!

But Noe is not the only one carving his own path and making a difference. Other people are willing to step up -- like Public Lands Commissioner Hilary Franz, who read Noe's story and was so moved that she contacted U.S Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash. This could have been a huge risk for Franz and her department. Some would stay silent, but not Hilary and not Patty -- and not many others who are fighting the good fight.

Dreamers, know there is hope and that there are people willing to run into the fire for you.

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