You can whisk yourself away to the San Diego Comic-Con this week, all in the comfort of your Texas home--for FREE!

I have always wanted to attend the San Diego Comic-Con in person (that was of course, before coronavirus). Even though I am not really into reading comic books, I have been to a smaller con before and it was so much fun seeing all of the people dressed up in cosplay, in fact, I dressed up my then 4-year-old daughter, Willow, as baby Maleficent.

Willow as Baby Maleficent at Comic-Con

The thing that brings all sorts of people to comic-cons is that they always have such cool guest panels and lots of celebrity sightings.

The organizers had to cancel the 2020 San Diego Comic-Con because of coronavirus, but they had the foresight and wisdom to take the show on the road-virtually. Plus, they made the event FREE to attend! (I still cannot believe they are not charging!)

Not every panel in the event deals with comic books, although most of them do give guidance for creating your own comic, breaking into the industry of comic book writing, and several courses in how to draw comics. Some of these intriguing comic con panels deal with bringing diversity to comic storytelling, writing, and networking. Other panels include at-home interviews with popular directors, animators, and actors. There are even panels on how to get news coverage for your works and how to get an agent. There is even a Hip Hop Comics event at this year's SDCC!

I am excited to attend the panel with actress Charlize Theron, who will discuss some of her leading roles as an action heroine. Another one I am geeked up about is the Watchmen panel, a Q&A session with the cast and animators from the Disney+ show, His Dark Materials (yes, Lin Manuel Miranda will be attending!), and a panel featuring Oscar-award winning director, Guillermo del Toro!

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