I have been waiting over a year for this day to come--the day of the premiere of the final Game of Thrones season (season 7).

It started off perfectly. I woke up and looked at my Facebook, and friends were already posting drinking games and meal planning for their show watch. I decided on decadence: a local Two Mountain Winery 2014 Cabernet Franc Reserve wine and some home cooked tortellini with a meaty red sauce!

TSM/Reesha On The Radio
(TSM/Reesha On The Radio) This is a special day, so tonight I'm pulling out the wine goblet and drinking my good wine (Two Mountain Winery 2014 Cab Franc Reserve) with a meaty red sauce served over a bed of 3-cheese tortellini.

Another Facebook group that I'm in (that has nothing to do with Game of Thrones) even posted up a thread post for comments as people live watched the show. All morning long, I was teetering on the edge of whether or not I shoule bite the bullet and add HBO Now to my Hulu subscription. I finally took the bait and added the channel for $14.99 a month on a free trial basis. I think it will be worth it!

Even Snapchat was just as excited about the premiere as the rest of my friends and me. They had a White Walker face filter. I figured that if I had been a White Walker, I would have been one with a goblet of wine in my hand!

My only gripe is that Ed Sheeran was in the premiere, singing about cold hands womans hand of gold or some shenanigans. I had to rewind that part because it took me completely off guard.


I was so taken aback, I had to pause the show so I could laugh my a** off! Don't get me wrong, Ed Sheeran has a beautiful voice, but I was so glad Arya Stark showed up to stop this unnecessary guest cameo! In fact, that whole scene could have been cut from the editing room floor! HA!

Speaking of Arya Stark, all I have to say is not all heroes (and sheroes) wear capes! WORD!

Did you watch the season premiere? What did you think?

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