It is always funny to me when I read what other people have to say about the kinds of things there are to do here in the Yakima Valley. Just this afternoon, I was wasting my time away scrolling through Facebook, and one post jumped out at me. It was from a lady in the WTF Just Happened in Yakima group and she asked the question, "What are some things for people to do around town?!"

The answers started off with a bang.


"Avoid downtown LOL," said a person named Christian. When pressed for an answer as to why they responded that way, Christian replied, "It’s Yakima that’s why."

I would be willing to bet 5 bucks that no matter where you go and what city you end up in, there will always be naysayers poo-pooing the city, so go ahead and get over it right here and now.

Some of the other answers cracked me up. There was everything from, "Meth" to "crack", to "survive" and even "Go to Winco (grocery store) and hit up the bulk-candy section, then Slow Burn and get some special candies, and go home and watch Willy Wonka". (Shout out to the lady who said that because her answer made me spit out my beverage on my phone screen.)

There was even a casual suggestion to "run naked through the mall". I am not quite sure if that person meant the old abandoned mall area site in downtown Yakima or at the Valley Mall in Union Gap. HEADS UP: If you decide to run naked through the Valley Mall, you will definitely be arrested on the spot, so I wouldn't recommend you do that if you are looking for something fun to do. 😂

My favorite response to the Facebook group's question of what fun things there are to do in Yakima was, "Play what was that- gunshots or fireworks." I confess I play that "game" a lot in my neighborhood! LMAO.

On the serious tip, if you are looking for something fun to do besides camping, hiking, visiting wineries, and breweries that the Valley has to offer, check out the Visit Yakima page. There is always something going on in the Valley and the peeps at the visitors' convention always get a heads up. Just a tip from me to you!

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