When I find something on Craigslist that's for free, I feel like, "SCORE!" They had me at FREE.

I was so stoked to see that there was a FREE big screen TV up for grabs in the city of Tieton on Yakima Craigslist because I've been wanting to get a new big screen for my living room. That way, I can put my other big screen TV in the kitchen. You see, I like to watch stuff while I do all of my "COVID Cooking". Washing dishes can get really boring, but put a TV in the kitchen and VOILA! My dishes will be done in a snap. I get so tired of cranking my neck so hard around the kitchen corner trying to see "whodunnit" when I'm watching Law & Order SVU.

It only makes sense that I put a television in the kitchen, don't you agree?

"Free Sony 60" TV and DVD/VCR Combo...AMAZING TV..." the Craigslist ad reads. "Bear in mind it is older so not flat."

See, I should have KNOWN there was a catch. The dang thing isn't a flat screen! Well, you know what they always say, "You get what you pay for."

Maybe I'll get this 55-inch big-screen TV instead. It's 100 bucks, but it's a flatscreen. This deal sure beats paying hundreds of smackers for a new one, even if I have to drive all the way to Sunnyside to get it!

via Yakima Craigslist.org
via Yakima Craigslist.org

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