You may have heard that you can search online to find out if you (or any family members) have any unclaimed money or property in your state. Washington state has $830 million in unclaimed property.

I just did a search in my home state and found out that I have about $86 in unclaimed money from a retail stock share I had purchased (for $2) back in the 1990's! I had no clue about this until I did the search!

To find out if you have any money to claim, click on this United States Treasury web link here and choose the state you wish to search. If you find out you're owed some money, fill out the personal information on the form, review it before you hit "Create Claim". You will receive a claim number. The next steps will be to print out your claim form and mail it with all the required documentation listed in Section C (see below).

After you have submitted your claim, you can check here for updates on your claim status.

This is a free service! That's right, there is no charge to process your claim with the U.S. Treasury! Now, go claim your money, honey!

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    Unclaimed Property: Section C Info

    A copy of your Social Security card

    A copy of your current ID (driver's license, etc.)

    Proof of address you want the claim check sent to (such as a copy of your driver's license, bills, etc.)

    Complete and sign the original claim form. The US Treasury will not accept a copied claim form.)

    Mail to:
    Treasury Department
    Division of Unclaimed Property

    Mail your form to the address listed on Page 2 of your claim form. Each state will have a different address.

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