Having access to a vehicle is fantastic. If you're lucky to be a part of the crowd that cruises through town without the check engine light on, bully for you! Most of us have experienced some sort of car trouble and due to a recent incident, I've taken to the streets to get two questions answered

  1. What is Your Favorite Vehicle?
  2. What is Your Favorite Car Lot?
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What NOT to Do When Buying a Used Car

Story Time. My husband and I were recently celebrating the fact we had paid our car loan off! When our last vehicle puked we made a few errors, even though we were warned, when buying our next.

  1. We went to the used car lot at night
  2. We drove on the freeway with the radio up instead of listening to the engine
  3. We were blinded by the gadgets and the sunroof and ignored the high mileage
  4. We didn't take it to our favorite mechanic for a once-over before purchasing

Within a few weeks, the check engine light was on and we learned the transmission was shot. Thankfully we were able to find a used one and with a handful of other fixes over time we've been able to drive it...just around town for the past five years...that was until last night.

It Sounded Like Road Construction

I was in the kitchen washing dishes when I heard what sounded like construction on the road. Sadly, it wasn't construction. It was our car, in the throws of a death rattle. My husband had to use the downhill portion of the road to careen himself awkwardly into the driveway and with the loudest metal-crushing sound it seems to have met its demise.

And Now We Start the Car Buying Process Again

I asked on social media what people's favorite cars and lots are in the Yakima area and figured I should report back for anyone else on the hunt!

Here's What People Had to Say

  • Vehicle: Toyota Car Lot: Bud Clarey Toyota
  • Vehicle: Suburu Car Lot: Automax USA
  • Honda
  • Volvo

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