I have become a face mask junkie. Perhaps that is not an appropriate way to express my new love of stylish face masks, but you get my drift.

My newfangled excitement for face mask chic began when I attempted to do a homemade face mask out of some old sewing material I had lying around the house. It came out looking like a disaster, but I had a lot of fun making it.

The second time I tried my hand at making a face mask from scratch, I used some liquid stitch glue because I don't know how to sew yet. I refuse to pay someone money to make me one when I could make it myself, I thought to myself. I had found a simple pattern online and printed out the design. The face mask came out way too small, but it, too, was a lot of fun to make.

That was the last time I made my own face mask. Since then, I bought a Harry Potter one in a gorgeous cobalt blue color. I get compliments on it all the time when I am out in public at the grocery store. Since it has House Ravenclaw on it, I get people hissing at me in jest yelling out the name of their favorite Hogwarts School House.

Reesha Cosby

(I have always said I belong to House Gryffindor because Hermoine kicks butt, but they didn't have that one in cobalt blue, so I guess I'm stuck representing the birds!)

What do you think about this design for a face mask? I stole the idea from one of our sister stations down in Tri-Cities, 99.3 The Key. I copied the image of their facemask and photoshopped the MEGA 99.3 logo on it.


If I placed an order for some of these, would you want to buy one? Do you know how cool we would be if we wore one of these?! Face Mask Chic, indeed!

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