Let me tell you a story about how I was mistaken for a senior citizen at the drive-thru.

The other day I went to a drive thru and ordered a regular cup of coffee, and you know how they show you your order on the screen? Well, this drive-thru chick had marked me down as ordering a senior citizens coffee.

My inner Reesha voice was livid. I muttered under my breath, "EXCUSE ME? Do I sound like a senior citizen ordering a coffee to you?! I don't have an AARP card yet! I'm not even past 45 years old! This heffa!"

But then, shocked at the drive-thru, I got to thinking, hey, wait a minute, senior citizens only have to pay 79 cents for a coffee?


Hey, I am going to be using my BEST senior citizens voice at the drive thru from now on, babeee!

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