For the most part, I think people try to do their best. Working hard really is in most of us. My whole life, I've tried to take on more than I should, so that I can improve myself. I have been fired from one job. A couple of weeks after it happened my so-called boss said that he needed someone to be an example. I thought that was a pretty lame excuse considering I wasn't even the one who made the mistake. Guilt by association shouldn't be a thing, but it is. After seeing how that boss handled things and the way he  handled his other employees, it blows my mind that he even got the job in the first place. Should some bosses be bosses, or did they get the job by default?Business Insider has given some really good advice to those who are bosses or to those who want to be. I would have to concur with them. These are sure signs that you have a bad boss. The question is, do you confront them and let them know that they are? or do you feel like you will be fired because they are, in fact, a bad boss?

These are my five:

  • Your boss plays favorites.
  • Your boss only tells you what's wrong and never what's right or good.
  • Your boss never helps you. They just do it themselves and then get mad later that you didn't figure it out.
  • Your boss runs around, always saying "I'm the boss."
  • Your boss takes your idea and makes it his/her own.

How bad are the bosses around the Yakima Valley? Is one of them yours?

Tell us in the comments below.


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