"If you were heading north on US 277 on Saturday, 27 June, and you are missing a cooler that has a gigantic dead snake in it, I can tell you where it is." - Reddit User u/CorinthWest

Um, exsqueeze me, did they just say a gigantic DEAD SNAKE?

I am over here laughing my A off!

I don't know what in the world a dead snake is doing a cooler, but this viral Reddit message is just something you don't see every day.

Perhaps it was someone's beloved pet that died and they were on their way somewhere to bury it. Maybe the snake was being saved for a ritual or something. It could be that the snake was purchased online and was on its way to being delivered to it new forever home and whoever was the delivery driver was driving too fast and the cooler fell off the back of the truck.

Maybe there's another snake out there who was waiting on a snake transplant? Could it have been on its way to a snake veterinarian? There is the Exotic Animal Hospital in Kirkland, Washington, perchance it was headed there?

I have so many questions and so little time to ask them.

Pour one out for the gigantic dead reptilian homiessssss!

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