If you live in the city of Yakima you may be concerned about a number of things including traffic, economic development and security. The Yakima City Council is also concerned and council member Matt Brown wants to hear your concerns during a forum Thursday at the Harman Center. Brown is hosting the city forum from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm.
“The forum will provide an opportunity for community members to ask questions and provide feedback,” says Brown, "it will give people a chance to bring up issues and to learn more about what the Council and the City are working on now and what kinds of things should be focused on moving forward.”

Recent gang related shootings and vehicle crashes will be discussed

Recent vehicle crashes in the city with more than 15 fatalities this year is a big concern for many drivers in the city so it's expected that will be a topic of discussion on Thursday.
Brown says bring your concerns about public safety, traffic, road construction, economic development and other issues so you can get some answers from the city. City staff will be available at the forum to answer questions and information on specific projects and policies in the city.
Everyone is welcome and no pre-registration is needed.

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