Reading is one of the coolest activities. Once you find a series you can be transported to that place. It helps take you out of a bad mood, pass the time, and also improves your vocabulary. Thanks to public libraries you can enjoy a ton of different types of stories, even movies but please remember to return what you check out.

I stumbled across a thread asking about another type of adventure where you could give and receive. Little Free Libraries people have created around the area and across the World! Did you know? There is even a Facebook group you could join

These libraries are located outside of buildings or homes where you can borrow or keep any book that's inside. If you want to replace what you take with something you have already read that is encouraged as well.

Where are all the Little Free Libraries?

  • 72nd Ave between Washington and Zier rd
  • 57th in terrace heights
  • Wesley Church might have one on 48th Ave....and there is one on Tieton Drive near Franklin school...also one at the church on Tieton near 80th Ave
  • 24th and chestnut Avenue
  • 34th and viola
  • one-off 30th and lincoln
  • Glacier Way
  • 5th ave in Selah
  • Repurpose park at the Terrace Heights Landfill
  • Moxee - Cascade/Nugget
  • Appleview off of 66th between Summitview and Lincoln
  • Englewood and powerhouse
  • 8th walnut
  • 43rd off of Nob Hill
  • Cle Elem - unsure of exactly where
  • Highgate senior living
  • Wonderland Christian Preschool
  • 56th and chestnut
  • 28th, S off Summitview

Let me know if you know of more or send me cute pictures of what you got!

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Little Free Libraries

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