I had the honor to be the judge for the Halloween pet costume contest at Coastal Farm and Ranch this past weekend, and it was so much fun!

Dogs and cats and many other animals were there. I admit that it was unexpected that one of the participants showed up with a box of Goldfish crackers. She said to me if I wanted a cracker and I said, no thank you, I just ate.

And then she turned the Box around and there they were! A box of goldfish. Alive and Kicking! It was the perfect Halloween costume for an unexpected pet. Goldfish!

As you probably guessed, she won. Her Imagination was perfect for the day. We also have other winners like Little Bo Peep and her sheep and she even had a sheepdog with her. Others that were dressed like "My Little Pony" -- from the pink one all the way to McIntosh.

It was an amazing day at Coastal Farm and Ranch. No one walked away a loser, and everyone got a prize because Coastal Farm and Ranch is amazing.