"...but the President said 'S---HOLE"! Can we say it, too?" - Radio DJs all across America

I don't know which one of our radio DJs at Townsquare Media Yakima asked the boss, but the question was posed and inquiring minds wanna know: Can I say "S***HOLE" on MEGA 99.3? My boss just sent out a memo, and while I won't tell you everything it said, the answer is a certified "NO WAY, JOSE!" (I paraphrased the kindly worded email.) To quote rapper Eminem, "The FCC won't let me be!"

In case you've been either living off the grid (in which case, "Welcome Back!") or if you've been avoiding the news (good for you), you've missed the president being accused of using the word "s---hole" to describe the countries of El Salvador, Haiti and all of the countries in the continent of Africa. Celebrities such as Gabrielle Union and Will.I.Am have been speaking out about it, as well as cable TV news stations (who have somehow gotten the OK to use the word outright).

After watching one cable news show say the word fifty-leven times in one show (I counted), I was so looking forward to saying the S-word on the radio! Guess I'll just have to whisper it to the room when I'm off the air! ;-)

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