Big Jeff, a reputed streetball legend in the Washington, D.C-area, has passed away. Details are scarce on how the athletic coach died but fans have been sending their condolences through social media.

Big Jeff, whose real name is Jeff Johnson, was the commissioner of the Watts League, a streetball league that featured basketball players from the DMV area. According to reports, Big Jeff worked tirelessly with the youth in D.C., and was a major voice in community basketball. He also served as coach for the Wise High School football team in D.C.

On Thanksgiving Day, Big Jeff was sharing photos on his social media accounts of spending time with his family. Now he has transitioned to a better place.

"Hip hop is much more than the music, it is about the community and Big Jeff was the DC community," reports Hip Hop Vibe. "This is sad news that has taken many by surprise. But, everyone has acknowledged that Big Jeff is moving on to a much better place than this."

Read some of the fans' reactions on Twitter below.