While everyone was enjoying their turkey dinners on Thanksgiving, Meek Mill was nibbling on something even more tasteful - Nicki Minaj’s toes.

The Queen Barbz posted a photo on her Instagram page of her boo sucking on her toes while he was playing a video game. Talk about multi-tasking. The caption reads, SOMTY, which is an acronym for “Suck On My Toes, Yes (or "Yeeeaaah," depending on your freakiness).

Oddly, everybody was in shock over the outright display of black love. It’s no secret that Nicki and Meek love each other, so a little toe sucking shouldn’t be a big deal. Nevertheless, Twitter was swift with delivering the slander. Some felt that Meek wasn’t being manly in the photo and that it made him looked p-whipped. Others saluted the Philly rapper, acknowledging that if Nicki was their girlfriend they would be doing the same thing and more.

"Meek Mill can't wait to get to the thanksgiving dinner table... he starting early," joked one fan. Another person tweeted, "This n---- Meek Mill rap career may be over... but bein wit Nicki Minaj really got him winning in every other aspect of life lol."

However, some were very complimentary to the couple. "Bey really called it when she said your toes are cute. Just saying lol," wrote one follower. Another fan tweeted, "Y'all eat McDonald's but Meek Mill kan't kiss [his] girls feet smh. Y'all wild."

Check out some of the fans' reaction to Meek Mill sucking on Nicki Minaj's toes.

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