I have lived in Yakima now for four months. It's awesome to continually discover new things in your 'hood. Like, a library on the street right next to your house. Not just a library - A Little Free Library.

Yep, Yakima has 'em. They look like bird houses just randomly placed on the street. Inside is a treasure trove of books, information and knowledge.

Library 6
Library 4

I discovered my first one on a walk in my 'hood this Saturday morning near 57th and Chestnut. I walked by it thinking it was a postal box. As I passed it, I saw what looked like books in it that caught my eye. Thinking it was odd, I walked back to discover this little gem did have some books in it.

Then I asked myself, "Why is there a box full of books on the street?"

That's when I saw the sign riveted to the box that said, " Little Free Library". 

Library 7

Inside, I found books of all subject matter. Something for everyone! Kids books, best selling authors like Robert Frost, Dean Koontz and many others.

Best of all, like most libraries, the books are free! "Take a Book. Share a Book" is their motto. It's a free literacy exchange.

Library 8

Started by Tod H. Bol in 2009. He was passionate about literacy with the goal to have Little Free Libraries on every street corner - just like mine! His hope was to inspire children to read early and often.

Library 2

Before Mr. Bol passed away in 2012, there were more than 100,000 registered Little Free Library book-sharing boxes in 108 countries worldwide! With over 15 in Yakima's West Valley.

Library 5

You can find Little Free Library near you here.

Little Free Library is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  

Check out this introduction video to find out more. Enjoy your future discoveries!

All My Best,

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