I was minding my own business being nosy on The Twitters, when all of a sudden I see that Red Lobster was trending. I just HAD to find out why.

It seems Red Lobster was trending because a woman had posted some (now viral) screenshots of several rude texts she received by her dusty boyfriend. The woman had texted him to say that she couldn't afford the Red Lobster dinner he had requested because, unfortunately, her bank account funds were low after paying all the bills.

His response to her implied that he felt she was a terrible girlfriend because of her lack of funds to buy him a Red Lobster meal. Instead of being an understanding boyfriend and either offering to pay for the dinner himself or choosing from the home-cooked options she had texted to him, he chewed her out for being so "broke". He also told her that she was not worthy to date a "man of his caliber" because she could not buy him a $50 dinner at Red Lobster.


He's got some nerve. WHO RAISED HIM? I wish a man WOULD talk to me like that. I would have ended our relationship right then and there, and I would have put a block on his phone number and on social media.

Here is where I shall take a moment to pull back a few of my private inner layers to write this heartfelt open letter.

Dear Broke and Dusty Men: In the famous words of the iconic group TLC, I don't want no scrub!

Do you actually expect a lady to pay for all the bills AND pay for your $50 dinners at Red Lobster or else?
Ain't nobody got time for that!

I grew up poor and like many people saw both of my parents struggling to make ends meet. My father was raised with the belief that the man of the household is the main breadwinner-not the wife. When he fell on hard financial times, my mother stepped in to get a job that helped pay all of the bills. I know their economic situation put a heavy strain on my parents' relationship and self-esteem. I think that is why my father constantly told me that I deserve to be with a man who can afford to take care of me financially so that I can stay at home raising the kids (if I so choose) and NOT have to stress about supporting someone else to scrimp and save for survival.

I consider myself to be a traditional lady who prefers that any sugar daddy/boyfriend/fiance/husband of mine has to be financially sound enough to not even have to WORRY about money in the first place. He has lots of his own money and could care less how much I have in the bank because he loves to spend his spoiling and pampering the both of us. I am not even ashamed to admit that I like my men's bank accounts the way I like my baked potatoes: LOADED. My man doesn't even need to be "cute", "hot", or "sexy". Just treat me right and have that wallet full, sir, and then we are good to go!

I said all of this to say that I have never dated a man who expected me to pay for anything unless I absolutely WANTED to, and I never have. I can do self-inflicted poverty all by my DANG self, okay?! The guy I choose to date or marry doesn't HAVE to be a wealthy multi-millionaire (or heck, even a half-millionaire), but it sure would be lovely if he is!

Mr. "Where's My Red Lobster" Guy and any other entitled, broke and dusty man can take that funky little attitude and miss me with that mess.

In fact, here's your theme song, my guy!

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