We've been going through it huh?

This past year and a half has felt like a time suck, watching the Olympics, every Tokyo 2020 pops up I'm reminded what a lost year Covid-19 has turned into.

We've been going through tons of emotions, a rollercoaster ride for everyone, everywhere and it's ok to admit it. It's healthy. Getting a chance to watch the best of the best athletes across the World compete has been a nice reminder of just how strong we really are and also how important taking care of our mental health is.

Simone Biles's story is causing everyone to feel all sorts of emotions from anger to betrayal to proud, inspired and more. A good starting point for a conversation on mental health.

Take a Deep Breath

Take a moment to breath in through your nose for four counts and out through your nose for 5 counts. Repeat as long as you are able and anytime you feel overwhelmed or happy or sad or hungry and I dare you to tell me you don't feel a bit more grounded. Do it daily any chance you get and in advance. you're welcome.

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We have got to take control of our own actions and how we are treating each other.

During the Olympics Simone Biles mentally lost her sense of direction while hurtling through the air and chose to go for a landing instead of bailing. A dangerous move but that's what the best of the best do when it's go time right? Risk serious injury for the gold?

It was shocking to see her step back from competing in the team portion and then pull back from her individual events as well. The World is watching and this 24 year old mega athlete took a stand for her mental health while everyone offered their opinion. Getting to watch her take her mask off tonight in the stands. Seeing her whole heartedly cheer on her teammate Suni Lee, the gymnast who took her spot after Simone stepped back, was powerful. Watching Suni crush her events and take the Gold in the all around is even better. Now she gets to eat a whole pizza, with extra pepperoni and we get to take a moment to soak up a life lesson.

Life has a way of working out when we really go for it, putting our mental health first will get you to the next level in life. Sometimes the real win is putting yourself first. Pull a Simone Biles and hurtle into the unknown for your health. You're worth it!

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