The movie auditioning process is often full of twists and turns. Actors are cast at different times, decisions are constantly being made and then re-evaluated, and nothing’s really set in stone until production finally starts. Sometimes, an actor will nail an audition — catching the attention of the casting directors — but ultimately isn’t right for whatever part they were reading for. However, that’s not always the end of the line for that actor. In certain cases, the actor is brought back to read for another role, one that they originally hadn’t been considered for.

Believe it or not, these famous actors’ iconic roles weren’t originally in the cards for them. When initially auditioning for the project, they were being considered for another part and ended up landing different ones. In the end, it all worked out for the best. It’s hard to imagine these actors embodying anyone else but the characters they portrayed on screen.

In even rarer cases, an actor is turned down for a main role but ends up having a part written specifically for them. This happened to Rebel Wilson when she auditioned for Paul Feig’s comedy Bridesmaids. Although she wasn’t right for the part that eventually went to Melissa McCarthy, she was added into the script. It just goes to show that pretty much anything is possible while a movie is being cast. It’s all about bringing each element together to create the perfect balance.

Here are ten actors who auditioned for a different movie role than the one they landed. Even better, their performance became a major highlight of the film.

10 Actors Who Got Different Roles Than They Auditioned For

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10 Actors Who Were The Second Choice For Iconic Movie Roles

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