7 Recent Price Increases That Still Make Us Mad as H*LL

No matter your faith, political leanings, or other beliefs, one thing we can ALL agree on is that the recent rise in prices for everything makes us mad as H-E-double hockey sticks! That’s right, we are all mad as h*ll that no matter what we do, it becomes more and more expensive just to live our daily lives. I find that sometimes it feels good to vent and commiserate with like-minded people, so here are seven (7) things that boggles the mind why it keeps getting so expensive to get ahold of!


Why are prices of *waves hands at everything* continuing to get so high? Some say it’s because of inflation, some say it’s because of greed, and others say it’s because that’s just the way it is. It doesn’t HAVE to be this way though! Just because prices CAN rise doesn’t mean that it SHOULD rise. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.


1 . Rent

“Rent is too damn high!” So said Jimmy McMillan who ran for governor of New York back  in 2010. His message was funny to hear but that’s because he was right on the money, pun kind of intended! When I moved into my 1 bedroom apartment back in 2004, my rent was $360. I cry real tears thinking about how cheap truly was. It is unheard of these days to find a 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom apartment or house under $600 in most parts of Washington state.


2 . Haircuts/Hairstyles

Do you remember when a decent haircut was under $20. Ask for that kind of price at a beauty salon or barber shop these days and you’ll be laughed right out of the building.


3 . Groceries

I remember when a gallon of milk was hovering around $2.50 and grumbling about it. These days, the price of a regular gallon of milk is over $3.00! Don’t even get me started on the current ridiculously high price of a bag of chips!

7 Recent Price Increases

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4 . Drive-Thru Food

Can you recall when a junior-sized burger was BIG? Junior-sized burgers at fast food joints are now double the price they used to be for half the size! They are literally coming to us the size of sliders! That is so infuriating. Doesn’t that make you mad?


5 . Gasoline

If you drive a car that runs on gasoline or diesel, I truly feel your pain. Paying for a gallon of gas at the pump sure doesn’t get you what it used to. Just this morning, I put in $15 at the gas station and I didn’t even get a full three gallons of gas! I wanted to cry. LOL!


6 . Streaming Services/Cable TV

Just when we thought it was a smart budget move to cut the cords on Cable/Satellite TV in favor of sticking to inexpensive alternatives, the streaming services prices are going up, up, and up! We might as well just call and ask for our old cable box back! TV channels have decided to nickel and dime us to death by handing out yearly price increases that nobody is asking for!

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7 . Sports Event Tickets

If you don’t have $75+ dollars to spend per ticket for the cheap seats to see the Seattle Seahawks play home games, one option I can definitely suggest is to take advantage of watching them play during Training Camp sessions. The tickets to watch the Seahawks is considerably more affordable and while you won’t get to cheer them on to beat the opposing team, you’ll still get to cheer and eat some great concession foods! You can even bring a qualified blanket and lawn chair to have a more comfortable experience. That’s a win-win in my book, get it?


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It stinks to see the price of everything going up every time we seem to get a pay raise but what else can we do? One thing is to figure out a budget that we can live with while still being able to enjoy some of the finer things in life. Check out these 25 ways below that we can start saving money today.

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