I've decided that from now on, I want to live in the lap of luxury. We've only got one life to live so why not make it extravagant, opulent, and over the top FUN? If you live in Yakima and want to enjoy some of the finer things in life that you know the wealthy residents are enjoying, here's a sneak peek at what they're up to. I've been taking notes!

One thing rich people in Yakima do is hide the money!

Here are five other things I've seen 'em doing when they think nobody's watching.

1. Dine at fancier restaurants like Cowiche Canyon Kitchen, Waterfire Restaurant, Antojitos, and the old Gasperetti's (sorry, that one's closed forever, but the ritzy memories still live on). They shop at Rosauer's or Fred Meyer. They are members of a wine club (or several wine clubs). They order from Door Dash and Grub Hub all the time.

2. Travel a lot. Rich Yakima people have no problem dropping the $299 dough fare each way to fly from Yakima to Seattle instead of hitting the freeway for the cost of a full tank of gas and getting stuck in I-90 traffic like the rest of us. They probably subscribe to Jetsetter.com or HGTV digital magazines! They have condos in Seattle (or Portland). They own several rental properties. I want to be them when I grow up!

3. Rich people in Yakima attend swankier private parties than you and I do. They have the luxury of hiring private chefs to cater everyday mundane events at their homes just because. They also attend unique and FUN fundraisers, some held in the middle of wineries, barns, horse stables, or even a private street if it is naturally blocked off from main street thoroughfares. Can't have that boisterous Yakima traffic ruining a festive event!

4. Rich people in Yakima rent lots of cabins, condos, and hotel suites at extravagant Washington resorts. Suncadia comes to mind, but there are many others, including the one I was recently a guest in, Alderbrook Resort out in the Puget Sound. I will be honest, I got so spoiled being a guest at the Alderbrook, that from now on I might be snubbing my nose at the Motel 6. Not saying I won't ever stay at a Motel 6 again, I'm just saying I'll be snubbing my nose at my motel room the entire time. I'd ring up the front desk and be like, "Barkley, where's my plushy ROBE and SLIPPERS?! And why are there no CHOCOLATES left on my hotel pillow?!"

5. The dames and gents with money living in Yakima typically have a second (and third) home, usually in Arizona somewhere. I am not sure why Yakima wealthy retirees all seem to pick Arizona as the home away from home. Fun fact: A few years ago, I decided that I wanted to ultimately retire in Sedona, someplace off the grid, with solar power, outdoor hot tub, surrounded by cacti, and equipped with ample high speed Wi-Fi access.


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