Chic-fil-A is one of the most wanted places in Yakima. Any time there's a new business coming to town or people ask what they wish our town had, Chic-fil-A is often top of the list of places people want in Yakima. As it stands at this moment there are no signs of Chic-fil-A coming to Yakima in the immediate future but you never know what tomorrow will hold. If it were to come to Yakima, here are several ideas of where it could go.

Parking Lot on 58th and Summitview
This would be a prime spot as there's already plenty of space in that parking lot that currently houses Wilco, Planet Fitness, and Grocery Outlet. It's not uncommon for quick dining establishments to set up in a place that like and could drive extra business to the surrounding shops.

Next to Panda Express on 66th and Nob Hill
There's already an empty plot of land just waiting for something awesome in front of the West Valley Walmart. This would be the perfect location for a Chic-fil-A.

In the Old Country Buffet building
I mean, the building is already built, just gotta do a few remodeling designs. Though this would be much larger than a typical Chic-fil-A it's a prime spot for heavy traffic around the mall.

Lot on the corner of 24th and Nob Hill
This empty lot used to feature a gas station. Now that it's vacant this might work. Parking wouldn't be great and a drive-thru option would be confusing but it's a spot currently not being used. May as well put something there.

Corner of Longfibre and Valley Mall Blvd.
Right near Winco there's a new Dairy Queen but next to that or right near it is an empty patch of field just waiting for something to pop up. Right near Bud Clary Toyota and Costco, this would be a great spot for a Chic-fil-A.

I'm sure you have some great spots, too. Let us know by messaging us through the app.

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