All you see in the news and pretty much every website in the Northwest right now is about these smoky conditions, and for good reason. The air we're breathing is filled with particles that just aren't good for us. And while most healthy adults are just feeling mild irritations (itchy dry or watery eyes, sore or scratchy throat, some lethargy etc.) there are quite a few of us who are feeling beyond irritated. Lung and chest pain, dizziness, headaches, and other more harsh symptoms from inhaling all this horrible air are effecting kids, the elderly, and those who have respiratory issues such as asthma or lung disease, stroke victims, and more.

I have asthma that I haven't treated regularly for years, and boy am I regretting it now. My lungs have been on fire for days, so I did some research and ordered a Vogmask. I did a blog on them a few days back, and decided to order one. The masks are N99 (which is good enough to block most of the pollutants) and they have fun designs so they look a little cooler than other masks. I finally got it in the mail today, and started using it. The one I got was $33 online (free shipping). They have different sizes from kids to adults, and a bunch of different patterns for different personalities. They are washable and reusable and can last for up to three years depending on frequency of use and harshness of atmosphere. Check out my video below for a quick review and to see if maybe you want to invest in one.


#Vogmask review.... part one

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