3 Spots Around Town That Make You Forget You're Living in Yakima Valley

It is fun to visit places in the Yakima Valley that make you feel as though you have traveled far and away without having to spend all that money on flights, Amtrak train rides, or gas for the car. Below are three local escapes that make you feel like you have left the Yakima Valley. It is fun to get away from it all, if only for a few moments in time!

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Yakima Arboretum's Japanese Garden

1401 Arboretum Dr, Yakima, WA

Japanese Garden at the Yakima Arboretum
Reesha Cosby via Facebook

This is the refuge I go to when I am having the worst days ever. Being surrounded by the secluded tranquil pond, lush trees, and the hidden lapping waterfall soothes my troubled soul. Can you tell I go there to cry a lot? Broken heart? Go to the Japanese Garden. Stumped a toe? Go to the Japanese Garden. Have to wait a whole week for the next episode of Obi Wan? Go to the Japanese Garden! Whatever ails ya, just go there to escape from it all. HA!

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Sitting on the Deck with a beverage at Freehand Cellars

420 Windy Point Dr, Wapato, WA

When I am sitting on the deck at Freehand Cellars and looking out at the view, I know that it's the gorgeous Yakima Valley but I feel like I have been transported to some exclusive hideaway on a wealthy somebody's sanctuary estate in California. It looks like what I envisioned it would look like in my teenage mind. A getaway tip from me to you: If the weather is not too hot or too windy, I recommend you grab a glass there and relax out here on the deck.

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Dining on the English Garden patio at White House Cafe

3602 Kern Rd, Yakima, WA

Enjoying a turkey cranberry croissant sandwich with a salad on the patio at the White House Cafe whilst peering out into the adjacent garden makes me feel like I escaped through a hidden portal to the English countryside. I feel as though I am sitting in a quaint tiny village in the UK that has a -shire, -ham, -ington, mouth, or a longwinded three or four hyphenated name at the end of it.

Like Leicestureshirehamingtonmouth-Ville-on-the-Bay or something.

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There you have it. Three gorgeous local Yakima Valley escapes for when you need to get away from it all. Enjoy!

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