Okay, now that Halloween is over, it's safe for me to start singing, "All I Want for Christmas Is You" by Mariah Carey! We all know that retail stores have been trying to be slick with pulling out all the Christmas stuff and putting them on the shelves. It was like they couldn't even wait until MEMORIAL DAY was over before some stores started stuffing small sections of the store with Christmassy things. We saw them, they weren't SLICK!

That's forgiven now because Christmas seems to be a much bigger deal with decorations these days. Don't tell that to my friends to whom Halloween IS their Christmas and they go all out with the decor! No judgment from me, I love both holidays immensely. In fact, I've had my Christmas tree up all year since LAST Christmas. Actually, I've had TWO Christmas trees up in my house since last Christmas. You see, my daughter and I put our trees up on our walls, one is on the wall in my bedroom and the other is in her bedroom. We did take down the Santa, mistletoe, and reindeer off the wall trees, but we kept the ornaments because they added such a special cheer to the rooms.

Two Great Places to Get Your Christmas Decorations in Yakima

If you haven't tried a wall Christmas tree, you are missing out, but that's neither here nor there. What I really wanted to tell you is that there are two great places in Yakima to get your Christmas decorations, places you might not typically go. Smart budget-conscious shoppers head to the dollar store for holiday decor but have you checked these two places out?

Country Farm & Garden
6 W Washington Ave, Yakima

There is a Christmas Village hidden in the back of the store. Just go through the double doors past the place where they duplicate keys! You are going to find artificial Christmas trees, Santa stuff, plus cute inflatable yard decorations like a reindeer, snowman, and holiday presents. There are trinkets to create your own train track sets or car racetrack sets, too. Plus a bunch of other stuff in there that you have to see in person.

1601 Summitview Ave, Yakima

Find unique Christmas decorations here, including Elf Poop Candy (don't worry, there's no poop in it, just delicious toffee) and ornaments that you will likely treasure for years. There are also decorative dishes and knick-knacks to ooh and ahh over!

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