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Do You Use Dating Apps For Sex? [POLL]
Dating apps -- or sex apps, as most people call them -- are growing rapidly. I am sure some people use them to actually find true relationships. But most people are just using them to get laid.
Yakima City Council’s Vote May Run Uber Right Out Of Town
Should Yakima ban Uber?
A lot of people in Yakima have used Uber before and are excited that we finally have it here. I grew up in a town where you would have to wait forty-five minutes to an hour-at minimum- for a taxi. Of course, my hometown city of Nashville has a much wider geographic and demogra…
Should Playmate Do Time For Body Shaming? [POLL]
The story is all over the news lately: Just when you think things couldn't get meaner in America, Playmate Dani Mathers has posted a snapshot of a woman getting out of the shower at a health club and body shamed her on Snapchat. The picture went viral as Dani added the comment “If I …
Does Yakima Need a Mascot? [POLL]
The city of Longview's decision to designate the squirrel as its official city mascot has us wondering whether Yakima needs a mascot.
And if so, what should it be?
We've talked about sasquatch, yaks, pit bulls -- even weasels. What's your thought...

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