Being an extroverted introvert, I am living my best life during these coronavirus pandemic times--with some exceptions of course.

I am a homebody, so I don't like getting up and at 'em and leaving the house to go anywhere. I try to avoid crowds when necessary, especially these days. Now that most of the planet has been forced to find ways to communicate and still get work done from home, I am able to do all sorts of things from the comfort of my home that was never available before.

I can watch on-demand first-run movies or watch a movie with friends via Watch Parties on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and even on Zoom. I can attend virtual concerts that I never would have afforded to travel across the country to. I am even able to attend seminars, webinars, and training sessions all online. My daughter is able to attend her school classes and cuddle with her kitten at the same time. She wouldn't be able to do that in a "normal" school. I have sat on many board meetings and conference calls instead of having to hop in my car, find parking, pay parking meters, and dash across streets only to run into important meetings huffing and puffing because I'm out of breath.

Zoom (and Google Meets) have made some of my wildest introverted dreams come true. It is simply marvelous!

Whilst I am over here singing that old Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes song, many of my friends and colleagues are on the other side of the Zoom video feeling stir crazy and suffering from something called "Zoom Fatigue". I first heard someone say that to me a few weeks ago and I thought they were just being cute and funny. Lo and behold, Zoom Fatigue is a real thing! Take a look at this Google search listing and check out all of the headlines about it! Bing has a massive search list here, too!

If you are suffering from Zoom Fatigue, here are five articles I found that might make you feel a little bit better:


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