Question: What can I do to make Yakima a better place, I'm just a teenager!

Answer: Plenty, and more than you know.

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Harness The Energy of Youth

Often young people don't get involved in public service because they don't know where or how.  Here's one answer.  Serve your city.

The Yakima City Council is seeking City residents between the ages of 16 and 22 to serve as volunteer members on three of the Yakima City Council Committees.

Giving Everyone A Voice

There at two positions open on the Community Integration Committee.  It's a four-year term with meetings on the second Monday of each month.  The purpose of the community integration committee is to advise the Yakima City Council on ways to improve community engagement; diversify the city government and workforce; provide additional review of policies, ordinances, and resolutions if requested; and to give a voice to all Yakima residents.

Planning for Fun

Two more positions are available on the city's Parks and Recreation Commission. This is a 2-year-term with meetings at 5:30 PM on the second Wednesday of the month at the City Council Chambers. The purpose is to advise the City Council and Director of Parks and Recreation concerning the formulation of policy, plans, and programs to maintain and operate City parks and carry out recreation programs.

Let's Get Green

And finally, there's also one position available on the Sustainable Yakima Committee. The youth position on the Sustainable Yakima Committee is a four-year term and there is a "preference" but not a requirement, for committee members to have expertise in climate science, engineering, energy management, water conservation, planning, environmental policy-making, environmental law, economics, solid waste management, forestry, systems analysis and/or communications.

How To Plug-In

Additional information on the duties and responsibilities of each committee can be found at Anyone interested in applying for openings can download an application from the City of Yakima website –

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