I have never played the video game Fortnite but I've heard it's really violent, so I don't let my 8-year old gamer daughter play it. (Oh no! I am officially turning into my Mother. Ha, ha.)

Meanwhile, my kid says that "all the 6-year-old kids in school are playing it". (I know that's some BS.)

What I DO know about Fortnite is that there is a safer, "Creative" mode that I might be okay with my daughter playing (I'm still on the fence about this). There are a couple of dances from the game that have reached over into the depths of popularity with the kids.

There 's the "Shoot" dance and the "Flop". I cannot do either one very well, but I try to keep up with the young'ns!

I asked some of my Facebook friends if they let their kids under age 10 play Fortnite and the response was pretty split between "Oh hale naw!" and "As long as I (or a close relative) play with them, then it's fine."

What say you, Parents, do let your young kids play Fortnite, and if so, how old are they?

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